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“Responsive” … “Creative” … “Decisive” … “Entrepreneurial” … “Problem Solvers”

About The Firm

Clients of Perkins Olson use those words to describe one of Maine’s more distinctive law firms. Since 1993, the lawyers of Perkins Olson have set themselves apart from other law firms by establishing close personal working relationships with clients and by dedicating their practice to saving clients’ time, money, and worries.

If you think all law firms and all lawyers are more or less alike, you should meet the lawyers of Perkins Olson.

Our History

Perkins Olson was formed in 1993 by Dave Perkins and his father, Don Perkins. After working in the Maine Attorney General’s Office and Pierce Atwood, Dave had a vision of a small, entrepreneurial, problem solving law firm that would focus on the needs of small and medium sized Maine businesses. Richard Olson joined the firm in 1995 and the firm’s name was changed to Perkins Olson in 1998.

Since 1993, Perkins Olson has worked with clients to form over 750 new businesses.

The firm has reorganized the finances of hundreds of Maine businesses and individual clients, either through workout negotiations or through bankruptcy proceedings.

The firm has litigated a wide range of complex matters in state and federal court including oil spill, land contamination, partnership disputes, employee termination, breach of contract, commercial disputes, and land disputes.

Our clients have always had significant commercial real estate interests so real estate closings, financing, and land use issues have always been a significant part of our practice. In 2009, we joined with Kerry Kimball to form Maine Coast Title to provide a broad range of title search and real estate closing services.

As globalization has changed the Maine economy, Perkins Olson has worked with a host of international clients to arrange investments in, and purchase/sale of, Maine businesses. We have also participated in trade missions to Ireland, Spain and Germany with the Maine International Trade Center.

As the Maine economy has seen significant growth in renewable energy, software, and internet based businesses, we have expanded our work with wind farm projects, intellectual property licensing and business startups in these sectors. Jeffrey Joyce has focused his practice on trade mark, patent and business matters relating to intellectual property based businesses.

During the summer of 2013, Perkins Olson affiliated with Bohan Mathers to expand our intellectual property law services. Bohan Mathers has been a leader for over 25 years in Northern New England on intellectual property law issues. With the combined services of Perkins Olson and Bohan Mathers, we provide patent, trademark, copyright and licensing services, as well as assistance with startups of business and commercialization of technology. We also provide patent and trademark services to many clients who are located outside of the United States.

Over the years, we have learned that the best clients are the ones who we see through both good and bad times. We have formed countless friendships with our clients and we take great pride in being a part of their success.